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Unique shelf-portraits - A4 mounted prints from local artist Roo Waterhouse.

Roo Waterhouse | Prints

  • About Roo:

    "Many years ago, while sitting by the fire in an old cottage deep in the Lake District perusing a shelf of dog-eared, Penguin paperbacks, I was thinking about how each book has a personality of its own. No two copies are alike. No two owners are alike. We each bring our own story to the reading of a book, and each find a different story within.

    I started working on a series of paintings of bookshelves and this led to many conversations with viewers about which books they would have on their shelf and why. Thus the idea of building up a bookshelf reflecting one’s life and loves evolved, and the Shelf-Portrait was born!

    It's just me, myself and I running Roo Waterhouse Art.
    I love to spend as much of my time as possible in my studio painting my 'Shelf-Portrait' oil paintings of treasured and bespoke bookshelves."

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