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This lovely signed digital print on heavy textured paper would be lovely mounted in a simple frame. 


Lush Prints | A3

    • Owl - This handsome owl in shades of deep blue watches in the night. The full moon illuminates the park, two owl friends perch nearby and on the hill in the background you will see that historical landmark Greenwich Observatory.
    • Stag - The noble stag greets the dawn while two pheasants flap past. The only hint that they share a world with humans is a distant viaduct.

    • Wild Boar - This digital print of Wild Boars trotting among the mushrooms is printed on heavy, textured paper and would look lovely framed on the wall of your home.

    • Garden Foxes - Foxes in the familiar setting of our back garden. The cubs are emerging from their den underneath the shed and are looking to see if there are any gardening gloves lying around that they can chew to bits.

    • Size A3  / 29.7 x 42 cm

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